Policy advice

Offering evidence-based policy advice on social protection, gender equality, poverty reduction and other policy issues pertaining to sustainable development, based on high-quality analysis, in-depth research, and consultations with relevant stakeholders, while integrating intersectional considerations including gender, age, rural/urban location, race/ethnicity etc.

See Policy reports for the examples of evidence-based policy advice and Academic articles for socio-economic analyses.

Community building

Offering support and sharing practices on community building based on the experience of the global Buryat Club which serves to preserve the endangered Buryat language and cultural heritage, while strengthening transnational and intergenerational community-based social capital.

Join the Buryat Club to learn more.


Providing tailored mentorship support to individuals interested in professional growth and personal development, and capacity building to grassroots organizations interested in global knowledge, networks, and skills development.

See Masterclasses for examples.


Offering consultations on a range of issues, including professional and personal development, and matters related to Buryatia.

See Masterclasses for examples.